Rest in Peace Dear Mother     Bill Lee 李偉宗
My Dear Friends:

Our mother passed away at around 8:20 PM on Aug 18, 2006 in Flushing, New York. She passed away at around 30 minutes after she was brought home from the hospital,
where she had repeatedly asked to come home. While Yaw-Tsong, Gloria and I went to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions for medicines to be taken by mother, we received
an urgent phone call from Ivy, who said that mother had stopped breathing. We rushed home to find her gone. Gone also were the terrible pains resulting from her
weakened lung and heart, her damaged kidney, her dysfunctional stomach and intestine.

When we met her the night before, she seemed at first unable to recognize Gloria, her third daughter-in-law, nor me, her eldest son. She was breathing hard and once in
every ten minutes or so she would throw up what little she had in her stomach. She kept repeating: “I want to go home.”, “I want to go home.”, “I want to go home!”..

She said those words again and again and again.

The next morning, Aug 18, 2006, mother seemed in better condition and even ate some food without vomiting. We decided to do as she wished and made arrangements to
bring her home. Equipments such as oxygen concentrator, medicine dispenser and emergency oxygen tank were all delivered and hooked up. Home attendants were also
arranged by Yaw-Tsong to take care of her on a 24-hour basis. She was then brought home to her apartment in an ambulance. Thirty minutes after she arrived home, she
passed away.

The night after, while Yaw-Tsong and Gloria and I were looking for mother’s photos for the Memorial Service at her apartment, a deep sadness filled my heart. Mother was
gone and the room was empty.

A year ago, while Yaw-Tsong was teaching in Shanghai at the International Translation Institute, I stayed in New York and kept mother company for more than a month.
During that time, I went to see her everyday and she seemed very happy. Everyday she was concerned about me and made sure that I had good food to eat. It seemed God’
s arrangement for me to make up for all the years in which I had been away from her and not cared for her. It is mostly Yaw-Tsong, her second son, supported by Ivy, his
wife, who has done the most to take care of her. Ted, her third son, supported by Gloria his wife, has also done his best to care for her and comfort her. I, her eldest son,
having been away for six years in Taiwan starting up companies and doing other things, have neglected her as well as my father.

However, with her big heart, I believe she most probably has forgiven me.

I’d like to end by repeating what Don Baron, my ex-roommate and friend and brother in Christ, wrote in his recent email to me:

“I just want to extend my sympathy to you on the occasion of your mother's death.  The loss of a parent is never easy - our roots are so inextricably entwined with them, even
at the subconscious level.  I praise God that He drew near to her with His saving grace.”

Mother: Rest in peace in Christ!
NOTE: Due to a trip scheduled a very long time ago, Bill Lee and wife Daisy Lee regrettably were not able to attend the memorial service; however, the written
message located at the bottom of this page was read by Bill Lee's brother Yaw-Tsong Lee during the memorial service.
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