Tours on Earth: Part 86:         
2018-02-25~03-05: Taiwan Trip
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2018-02-25~03-05: Taiwan Trip
after the Sapphire Princess
Cruise (collection):

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2018-02-25: Day 01: Taiwan
trip: Singapore en route to

2018-02-26: Day 02: Taiwan
trip: Taipei

2018-02-27: Day 03: Taiwan
trip: Kaosiong (Gaoxiong):
Meeting with Jakn Chen

2018-02-28: Day 04: Taiwan
trip: Taipei

2018-03-01: Day 05: Taiwan
trip: Hsinchu trip: Chupei:
Reunion among old colleagues
and friends

2018-03-02: Day 06: Taiwan
trip: Taipei

2018-03-03: Day 07: Taiwan
trip: Taipei: Ruby's Happy

2018-03-04: Day 08: Taiwan
trip: Taipei: Torch Covenant

2018-03-05: Day 09: Taiwan
trip: Taipei: En route back to US