World of Uncle Sam, Good Old USA: 003: Special Articles For Sharing
For the brave away, and
the brave at home
received from
Pastor Don Baron
Angel in the Post Office
received from Peyyen
Hong, Linda Trinh
received from Pastor
Don Baron
Judge Roy Moore...
Alabama judge removed
received from
Ben Chen, Bobby Chen
Somebody's raising the
Children Right!
received from Ed &
Mavis Adamson
Power of Friendship
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A Dog's Purpose
(from a 6-year-old)   
received from
Maw-Rong Chin
This truly says it all!
received from  
Raymond Paolini Sr. via
Bruce, Dianna Thomas,
Dave Lear and Nancy
Don't let life pass you by...
received from Maw-Rong Chin
received from Karen
Cheng via Terry Liu, Dori
Lo and Francis Tien
The Charles Shultz Philosophy
received from Mark Jeng
The Brick
received from Alex Wu
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Deck of Cards
received from Ellen HY Chang
et al